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We pride ourselves on the welfare of our birds, and the knowledge of Avian Pest Control we have gained from over 18 years of experience. If we do not know the answer to your problem we certainly know someone who does.

By selecting the correct bird of prey or combination of birds, and defining an appropriate flying pattern we are able to deter the majority of common pest birds, such as those below, from an area without the need to resorting to trapping, shooting or poison. The pest birds natural fear of their potential predators is normally enough to see them leave a location.

Pest Birds

Feral Pigeon (Columba livia) moved on by Falcon, Hawk and Owl.

Found worldwide and throughout Britain they are a common sight in urban and city environments. They have adapted to the roosts and nesting sites provided by buildings and other structures.

Carrion Crow (Corvus Corone) moved on by Falcon

The Carrion crow is one of the cleverest most adaptable birds and is found almost everywhere and it is often quite fearless.

Gulls (Larus argentatus, Larus fuscus, Larus marinus) moved on by Falcon

Gulls are medium-to-large sized birds often associated with costal areas. Increasingly however they are becoming a problem inland where they have taken to breeding on buildings.

The Core Team

Our core team of Harris Hawks who are ideally suited to working in tight built up areas.

It is all too easy for someone to buy a Hawk, and set themselves up as an Avian Pest Controller. With only one bird they are limited in what they can do as the bird will become tired and exhausted if they take on too many clients and so soon becomes ineffective.

The less scrupulous realise this and often just walk round with the bird on their arm which again is ineffective. As you can see we have sufficient birds to be able to rotate them ensuring they are always rested and eager to fly so ensuring maximum effectiveness in removing you pest bird problem.

Pest Proofing

As well as flying birds of prey as a deterrent we can also install pest proofing as a method of prevention.

Pest proofing is a very effective way of deterring many kinds of pest birds. Netting and spiking are the most practical methods and when installed properly will last many years.

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